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Philka - When Power is a must

PK450 Studios offer open spaces to host a wide spectrum of activities ranging from Studios,Vernissage, Events, Exhibitions, Seminars, Conferences, and related activities...


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450 SQM


Salle Polyvalente

To welcome exhibitions, vernissage , conferences, seminars, and events.
Equipped with the following:

- Giant Screen that could reach 5 meters by 5 meters
- Projector
- Stage
- Podium
- All around rails for hanging Paintings
- Socles.... 
- Lighting rails

the space includes a :

- a room 4X4 on the side
- kitchenette
- washrooms


450 SQM


450 square meters of empty space especially designed to satisfy all studio & filming requirements:

- Ceiling with 5 separate section of "truss"
- "Chroma" that is 5 meters high and 14 meters of walls smoothly curved at
the floor end  and bent 90 degrees in the middle.
- Super Silent space of 42 decibel
- Electrical wiring installation to fit lighting that can be controlled remotely
- Fire Alarm System
- Makeup room
- Changing Room

- CCTV strategically placed as follows:
   1 above the entrance door
   1 above the entrance of makeup room
   5 in each corner of the studio
- LCD  qty  3 placed as follows:   
  1 above the entrance door
  1 in the makeup room
  1 in the control room

- Super silent air conditioning and heating installation
- Elevated room that could fit all electronic controls and equipment, overlooking the various stages and completely sound isolated by transparent Double Glazing" to facilitate watching what is being played
- UPS,  power 60kva
- 325 KVA electric power generator of the latest creation that is designed to supply constant & precise power at all times.


450 SQM


Open Space overlooking a wide angle covering an arc starting with the waters of St. Georges Bay (north Beirut) through the Metn and Mount Lebanon hills and ending with.... Achrafieh Heights.

A superb view "unobstructable" that shows the glittering lights as far back as what the eye could see.

A great space to book for your outdoor events.


8000 SQM


8000 square meters of land that includes 650 square meters of covered space consisting of a building of 15 meters wide by 40 meters long and 4.5 meters high with no pillars in the entire middle space.

Next to it is a construction that is 4.80 X 6.00 that includes two rooms,
kitchenette and a bathroom.
Also available is a 40 KVA silenced generator, of 220 volts in single phase and 380 in three phase.

The whole surrounded by 7500 square meters of plantations.
Water well with a 25 HP submersible pump at 280 meters underground, supplying over 300 cubic meters per 24 hours.

Magnificient view overlooking the historical valley of "Kanater Zbeideh"